Depew Fall Festival, Saturday, Oct 14, 11am – 11pm

Oblivium!!!! – Here’s a chance for us to give back –
The Depew Fire Department volunteers their time on both Sat and Sun night for Oblivium. For Obi 2018, Tim, Depew Fire Chief, is chopping our 5 ricks of wood needed, AND delivering it onsite!!
From Laura, Tim’s wife – 
The Ladies Auxiliary is hosting the Fall Festival, Saturday, Oct 14, 11am – 11pm, to raise money for the Fire Department for needed equipment and gear.  Most of their gear is severely outdated and in need of replacement.  For more information, the event is listed on our Facebook pages.  @DepewOKFireDepartment and @DepewLadiesAuxiliary
This is a big deal for fire flow—THIS IS A FIRST – we have been requested by a FIRE DEPARTMENT to bring fire to their event. Wow!
Tim requested anyone who can do fire, lights, hoops, or other flow art to help out. They will provide dinner and beer. They are also open to vending, with no fee charged – just a request for a donation.
Let’s help support Tim and his crew to thank them for all of their assistance for our burns!
Please contact Leslie Sunshine, Pandemonium Lead, for more information or T at [email protected].
Thanks for your help ! T