Burner Packing List

Burner packing 101 for those that are new to all of this.

#1 Take anything you buy new from a store that is plastic packaged, out of the container. The less trash you take in, the less trash you pack out.

#2 Take at least 2 lawn bags for your personal trash. For camps it is more, but remember you need to be responsible for yourself. Those bags will be going home with you.

#3 Bring your own plate, bowl, eating utensils (washable is preferred..less trash). Don’t expect the camps you visit to provide you with dinner ware.

#4 Carry your own cup and/or empty bottle at all times, you never know when you will have a tasting event opportunity.

#5 Baby Wipes are your friends. You can even use the basic sanitary kind to wash your dishes with.

#6 An empty Zip Loc in your pack is always nice to have. Great for MOOP (Matter Out of Place) patrol or your own little bits of trash.

#7 Let’s talk water. You are going to be bringing in your own water. Figure a gallon per day for yourself…toothbrushing, drinking, etc. Personally I like to get the larger 2 gallon jugs. This way I’m using less plastic, and have less to bring home. If you can, try not to bring in individual plastic bottles of water, so much MOOP and really more for you to trash out.

#8 This is for the ladies…a sweet reminder that our hormones and body clocks will betray us every freaking time, so don’t forget to bring in your personal hygiene needs with you (also another great use for those Zip Locs). As an extra note, if you do totally forget to pack for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask the other ladies out there if they can help ya out.

#9 Buckets. If you have room, an empty bucket is always a useful thing to have around. You can pack your stuff in the bucket to have room for it in the car!

#10 Shhhhh I’m sleeping! This will be a 24/7 light and sound experience. Take ear plugs (I like to take old sets of ear buds and cut the cords off) and sleeping masks to help block it out when it is time to crash.

#11 Got ash on your butt? Cig butts are MOOP! Altoid tins, or old band aid tins are great butt cans to carry with you. Do you like to walk around picking other people’s cigarette leavings? We don’t, but we will have to if you don’t do it for yourself.

#12 How about my feet? Dust or dirt, take care of your feet! Socks – clean socks are lovely. One way to make sure you have them is to buy a pack of socks that you will not care about (dollar stores are a great resource for this). After you get home you can either wash them, use them as rags or realize they are a lost cause and bag them. Shoes – fun shoes are not fun when they don’t fit well. Many of us love to find that great pair of boots/shoes at a thrift store, only to spend a couple of hours in them, then realize our feet are ruined and that will ruin your experience.

#13 If it don’t come out of you, it don’t go in the loo. Porto companies can refuse to rent to us ever again, if we put anything in the porta potties that clog up their cleaning systems. 1 ply toilet paper only, no ladies hygiene products, no baby wipes (or phones, glow sticks, baby wipes..you get the idea).

#14 Giant Zip Locs are good for a clean change of clothes to go home in; dirty laundry; keeping things sorted and dry in your living space.

#15 Don’t forget the little things. Toothbrush/toothpaste, hairbrush or comb if you use them, deodorant, any medications you take daily you are still going to take at the event/Burn, hair ties or clips, lotion for your tired feet..ya know the little things.

#16 A Light’er up! A set of solar lights that stake into the ground or fairy lights for your tent are a must for helping you find you house at night and to prevent people from tripping or falling over your tent lines and stakes.

#16 B Light yourself up! Keep a little flashlight or a headlamp in your pack for your night time safety and ours. Find a way to light your back pack up, so folks can see you from the back too. Lighting does not have to be big and artistic, it can be simple and easy. We don’t recommend glow sticks because they become MOOP, but for first timers, they are easy to pack and a quick way to not be a Dark Wad! Light on your front and light on your back, will keep you from getting stepped on, run over, or yelled at.

#17 Ahhh those tents – Some people have never used a tent or gone camping so a quick idea for you, your tent needs to stake securely to the ground, so bag those tiny plastic things you get with your tent and get some nice long metal stakes, Make sure your tent has a rain fly that goes to the ground on at least 2 sides of your tent. Get a cheap tarp and put it under your tent to protect the bottom of it and help keep moisture out (it is called a footprint, some tents come with small ones). Never be afraid of asking for help setting your tent up!

#18 If you have space, get a small cheap tarp whether you think you need it or not. They come in handy and you can re-use them.