Decompression Wrap-up

Date November 3-5 2017 attendance: 81

Depew, Oklahoma

On the weekend of November 3-5, 2017 we had 81 attendees at the annual Oklahoma regional decompression, this was a drop in attendance from the previous years (some might say, we are football state and this was bedlam.. the state is divided between our two big universities and this does make a difference in Oklahoma believe it or not.)

We have the luxury of being able to use property at no charge ..

So that weekend becomes one big long weekend of the fuzzy feelings of a Sunday family dinner. A group of individuals who desperately wanted us to have some type of effigies donated all the wood in time to create an offshoot of the oblivion “oh behive” 2017 honeycomb. We also had fire- works donated! The effigy burned Saturday night with out issues.
We have no admission or tickets for the campout and all ages are welcome. Everyone realizes we have no volunteers signed up so there is no stress getting slots filled in for that weekend, we just do it and it works.. it is a beautiful weekend filled with families and fun and no stress!

We want to specifically thank Welklahoma for the donation of insurance for the event along with all tbe other inceredibly exceptional donations and attendee participation.