Year One, Ready for Departure – Effigy was a large stargate portal
Year two, Space N Sh*t – A big Rocket was the effigy
Year three, Bees – The effigy was a big hexa hive
Year four, Neverland – Big Pirate Ship
Year five, Psuedo Science Fair – Flat earth effigy
Year Six – This Year- The Legend of Obi



Property information

What is the location of Oblivium

Route 66 Event Center

26101 Milfay Rd

Depew, OK 74028

United States

What wildlife should I prepare for?

It is a well-groomed location and most wildlife stays out of the area, however it is still in nature and things like mosquitoes and ticks may be present. Be alert and be prepared to be in a nature environment which may contain forest dwellers.

Additionally, this property is home to a number of pets belonging to the owner. They include rabbits, geese, ducks, and various other species. These animals should not be present on the property during events, but may be there during normal camping times. If during the event, you run into any pets, please contact a ranger or siteops so they can be re-secured in their proper locations. At no time should you attempt to catch, chase or corner any animals on site, let rangers or siteops handle it.

What is the temperature/climate likely to be like?

It is likely to be hot and humid.

Can the property accommodate my RV?

Yes, they can be parked in the theme camp parking area or over near the RV Hookups. A fee will be announced closer to the event time if RV hookups are offered.

Yes, they can be parked in the theme camp area or over at the RV Hookups.

In order reserve an RV hookup, you need to email site Ops at [email protected] and include the number of slots that you want. You will have to pay in advance at the gate directly to the property.

How is the cell reception?

Cell reception is decent at the property for most carriers and works for emergencies.

Oblivium Information

What is leave no trace and why is it important?

Leave no trace essentially means whatever you pack in, you also pack out. This means you need to have a plan for disposing of your trash and taking it with you. We will leave the property better than we found it. This ideal has many rewards. We respect the property and its owner, we help keep the environment clean and we own our own mess which goes back to radical self reliance.

What should I bring?

Please see Survival Guide for requirements on what you should bring or the Burner Packing List

What night is the effigy/temple burn?

Saturday Night is the effigy burn. This is a celebratory burn.

Sunday night we burn our temple. This is a somber burn for reflecting and letting go.

Please note – The Effigy will be closed for access 4 hours before the burn
The Temple is a green burn. There will be up close access until the time of the burn.

What about a possible burn ban?


Burn Ban status can change at any time, including during the event. Burn Bans may be caused by weather conditions, local jurisdictional requirements, landowner requests, or any other situation that may warrant a ban. The Fire Lead determines Oblivium’s Burn Ban status.

 During a burn:

-None of the below-

Wood or charcoal fire

Liquid fuel flame effects

Fire performance tools outside of designated area

Open flames of any kind

Unattended Generators – see Generator Guidelines

Tiki torches and candles

In ground fires

Unapproved structure/art burns

Open top burn barrels or pits

Unattended flames of any kind


If you have questions, ask a ranger first!

During a burn ban you may have:


Portable gas stoves – propane or butane– attended at all times

Pre- approved propane flame effects may be allowed in certain locations

Low -pressure propane heaters or accessories


When is the date and time

This year the burn will be June 25th through June 29th.

How do I buy a ticket

Tickets can be purchased at: https://oblivium.org/tickets/

Can I buy a ticket at the gate?

No tickets are available for sale at the gate. All tickets must be purchased ahead of time.

Will the tickets sell out?

Yes, there is a cap on how many tickets will be sold. Buy your tickets as early as possible to ensure you are able to attend.

If I volunteer, do i still need to purchase a ticket?

Yes. Volunteering does not waive ticket requirements.

What is this year’s theme?

This year’s theme is: Oblivium 2020: The Legend of Obi

What are the gates hours?

Wednesday June 24th   Noon – Ten (By reservation only- Early Entry)

Thursday June 25th   Noon – Ten

Friday June 26th   Noon – Midnight

Saturday June 27th   Noon – Five

What do I need to gain entrance?

Valid photo ID matching the name on your ticket.

What can I buy at the event?

There are no vendors at this event. You must bring in everything you need for the duration of the event which includes food, water, and shelter. The only exception is ice, which will be for sale on property.

Can I leave once I have entered?

In case of emergencies, you may leave and come back, however coming and going for non-emergency reasons is discouraged and should not be abused.

If I buy a ticket for someone and they can’t go, how do I transfer that ticket to someone else?

Once you purchase a ticket, you will receive an email with a link to your ticket. That link can be used at any time to modify who the ticket is for or that person’s information.

Can I take pictures?

You may take pictures BUT you MUST gain CONSENT ahead of time by EVERYONE who would be caught in your picture, including those individuals that may be in the background. You MUST respect everyone’s right to tell you no.

What is the age range of participation?

This is an over 18 event

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely no pets allowed except for registered service animals as the law requires. Any service animal must be on a leash at all times and if your service animal is found off leash, it is grounds for removal from event.

What band(s) will be at this event?

The entertainment at a burn inspired event is participation in the event and the theme camps created by your peers.


Can I car camp?

You may keep your vehicle in your camp if and only if you disguise and/or decorate your vehicle appropriately. Also, these vehicles must be registered with siteops.

While the vehicle is in camp, it may not be ran and it may not be moved for the duration of the event. Additionally, a tarp should be placed under the vehicle in case of any oil or fluids leaking. Any messes from the vehicle such as ruts, leaks or anything else resultant from keeping the vehicle in a camp must be cleaned up prior to you leaving the property. Leave no trace applies to all aspects of this event.

You may not camp in your car while it is in the designated parking area.

How do I register my theme camp?

You go to this link and fill out the form: Link will come soon!

If a camp mate or I need medical attention, what do we do?

You will locate the SET/MEDIC area and ask for assistance. Also Sanctuary is good for those people who need to take a little time to get their head in a more conducive state.

What is a Ranger and what is their purpose?

Rangers are sort of like the host/hostesses of the event. They provide information, they assist with many tasks when needed and generally roam around trying to make the event go as smoothly as possible. A Ranger can be called upon for assistance when it is needed.

For more information on Rangers and the other roles volunteers will be filling at Oblivium, please see this link. http://oblivium.org/volunteer/volunteer-descriptions/

Volunteering Information

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering at an event like Oblivium is not just an optional part of the event, it is necessary. No one is getting paid to make this event happen so without volunteers, things do not get done. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer if able, it is the quickest and most direct way to up your participation level. 

Check it out by going to oblivium.org Participate Tab!


How do I get to the property

From OKC

-Take I-44 East (Turner -Turnpike) to Stroud, OK

-Take exit 179 US-377/99


-Turn right onto

US-377/99 South

-Take US-377/99 South

approx. 0.4 miles to

Route 66 East

-Turn Left on to Route

66 East and follow approx. 11 miles to Milfay Rd.

Turn right onto Milfay Rd and travel approx. ¼ mile south to the second entrance on the left.

Turn into entrance on the left and stop at the gate on the left hand side for ticketing

From Tulsa

-Take I-44 West (Turner -Turnpike) to Stroud, OK

-Take exit 179 US-377/99


-Turn right onto

US-377/99 South

-Take US-377/99 South

approx. 0.4 miles to

Route 66 East

-Turn Left on to Route

66 East and follow approx. 11 miles to Milfay Rd.

Turn right onto Milfay Rd and travel approx. ¼ mile south to the second entrance on the left.

Turn into entrance on the left and stop at the gate on the left hand side for ticketing

Where will we park?

There will be a designated parking area for the duration of the event. More instructions will be provided upon arrival at the event.

What are  Art cars?

Art cars are vehicles that have been altered to be artistic. They are a fun transportation for the event and could be painted, decorated, or overlaid with art.

How do we register Art cars for the event?

For information about Art cars, safety rules and requirements, please follow this link: