Ticket Questions

How do I buy a ticket?

Go to Oblivium.org, go to the event tab, click on Tickets

Will there be tickets for sale at the gate?

No there will not be. period.

How much are Art tickets?

90 dollars

How much are regular tickets?

60 dollars

How much of the tickets go to art?

85% of art tickets go to art grants

Do I need an ID to use a ticket?

Valid photo ID either state, federal or international that shows DOB and full legal name that matches a ticket in our database is required to gain entry into the event. No exceptions.

How do I transfer a ticket?

Probably the best method is each ticket has its own unique link which you can get by viewing the email that was sent to you at the time of purchase. You can provide the unique link of the ticket you want to give them and they can update the info themselves. This is the preferred method as if the person needs to transfer the ticket again, they can just provide the URL to the next individual.

An alternative is follow the link  you received when you purchased the ticket and update the tickets there with the new person’s info.

** Once you update a ticket to a new email address, it does NOT send you a confirmation. Just changing it on the page is enough.

How much should I pay for/sale aftermarket ticket?

Never pay more than face value for a ticket. If it was a general ticket, the price is 60 dollars. If it was originally an art ticket, the price was 90 dollars.

It is fine selling a ticket for less than purchase price. The remainder of the balance becomes a “gift” for the purchaser.

What is my ticket?

When you purchase a ticket, it creates an entry in the ticketing system. This entry is unique to you. An email gets sent to you pointing you at this unique entry, do not share that email with anyone unless you are transferring the ticket.

How do I redeem my ticket at the gate?

If you have received your email confirmation that you have purchased a ticket, all you need to do is to show up at the gate with a Valid Photo ID, either state, fedreal, or international that shows your DOB. If that ID matches a ticket in the system, you get in! It is simple as that. You do not need to print anything off.