Synchronous City is the temporary home WE ALL create once a year set halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa off the Turner Turnpike. This is a Burning Man inspired Participant driven event.

There are no spectators! Everyone collaborates in some way to create the event. You build the city, the theme camps, the art, and you volunteer to make the city run!

You are the actors and the audience, with costumes, music, and performance.

We support everyone’s freedom to express themselves, but respect the boundaries of others. Oblivium is a celebration of ourselves!

***Ticket Details****

Art Tickets  – $90 per person
Art Tickets on Sale February 14th!
(Be cool and support the Arts -85% of this ticket goes directly to ART GRANTS!!!)

General Tickets on Sale March 17th! – $60 per person

Ticket name transfers available AFTER close of all ticket sales.

A Valid photo ID either state, federal or international is required that shows DOB and full legal name. No exceptions.

PAYMENT: This year all tickets will be purchased via our site and using PayPal or You can use a credit/debit card on PayPal without having a PayPal account, but no cash sales.

Oblivium is an 18 and over event.

Volunteering does not gain you admittance. No ticket = No entry!
Even the LLC and the Leads purchase tickets.

No animals are permitted by the property owner’s request.

This event will be held rain, shine or heat.


Wednesday June 24th   Noon – Ten (By reservation only- Early Entry)

Thursday June 25th   Noon – Ten

Friday June 26th   Noon – Midnight

Saturday June 27th   Noon – Five


There will be no general re-entry. You will need to have a better reason than you ran out of vodka. Re-entry will be for emergency only.

Common Ticket Questions

Oblivium Secondary Ticket Market:

OBLIVIUM 2020: The Legend of Obi!

Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.