Volunteer Descriptions

Oblivium 2018 Volunteer Descriptions

Non Safety Teams

Art Team:

Art team reviews art grant submissions and registrations, places the community art projects, and help create a colourful atmosphere inside Oblivium.  Art team members must be able to meet with the Art lead.

Site Ops:  The Alpha and Omega team of Oblivium.  All are highly encouraged to participate in this experience.

This team is our “stage crew” for the burn production. This is the team that setups and disassembles structures, assist other teams with tasks, assist with city planning and placement.  Without this crew, there is no light, there is no sound, there is no action.  They create the scaffold for the rest to come, and then take it back down.


Gate Team helps our participants with entry into the city.  They are responsible for checking ID’s, getting waivers signed, giving participants wristbands checking vehicles for contraband, and making sure participants sign the necessary documentation for participating in the event.


Greeting is a vital role that helps shape and form everyone’s first impressions.  Sometimes wearing nothing but a smile,  they welcome all HOME with fun, information, Survival guide tests, and vehicle parking information.  Proven studies show that students absorb more and retain information when they’re engaged in the subject. This is a great way to meet your ALL of your fellow Burners.  Greeters must attend a meeting with the lead prior to their shift.

Temple Keepers:

Temple Keepers are those who help to hold space in our Temple and during the night as the Temple burns. They will help to educate about what the Temple is and its purpose to in our community. As a space for thoughtful moments, remembering those we love or miss, releasing that which we’ve held inside of ourselves, but also for those entering the space in gratitude and joy. Temple Keepers will be respectful, helpful and take care of each other and those around us. 

Earth Minders: 

One of our favorite Principles at Oblivium is Leave No Trace (LNT) and a favorite activity is MOOPing (picking up matter out of place). Earth Minders will be present to help with both. They will help to educate our community about why we are so very careful to take care of the land our city grows on, and take that care further out into our lives beyond Oblivium. They will help to promote MOOPing patrols across the event land and extend that to the buildings we have the special use of, such as the showers/toilets. It is about taking care of our city, and the art, each other and the land.

Safety Teams




Everyone welcome to join Rangers!  No experience necessary!

Rangers are the eyes and ears of the event and the most critical volunteers.  They help with information, mediate resolutions, help the disoriented, and act in emergencies to keep the city a happy, safe, and functioning environment.  Rangers must be able to attend a training session before their shift starts.

SET (Synchronous Emergency Team, aka medics):  

Medical professionals and non-medical professionals welcome!

SET assists with medical situations and emergencies. Volunteer staff are trained in CPR/First aid by Oblivium.  Non-professional medical team members must take the CPR/First Aid training prior to their shift.

Fire Team:  

Fire professionals and non-fire professionals welcome!

Fire team is dedicated to fire suppression in the city during the effigy and temple burns as well as, inspecting theme camps for the required emergency supplies.  During the burns these amazing volunteers get a front row seat to the action and act as a support team for incidents.  

Sanctuary Team:  

Mental Health professionals and non-mental health professionals welcome!

Sanctuary Team helps those in need of grounding.  They listen and help participants who are disoriented or distressed in a comforting environment.  Sanctuary team members must take a training class prior to their shift.

Pyro Team:  

Pyro team sets up both our Effigy and Temple for the ceremonial fire we all have come to be named after…  They are the “burners” of our art and send our artistic expressions to the impermanence they were destined for.

Pyro Timber Crew – Want to help us make our fires? Will work with Site Ops to gather kindling and wood for Effigy, Temple and Art Burns. Will train to build a “Green” fire. Optional: vehicle for hauling wood.
Pyro Ash Crew – Leave No Trace, which includes our Effigy, Temple and art burn scars. Forming an ash labyrinth on Sunday.

Perimeter Team:

Perimeter team secures the area around the effigy, and assists the fire team do its job  during burn night. This is a front row seat and great way to see our art! Perimeter team members must be able to attend the pre-burn meeting.

Echelon Team:  

Echelon is a small but important Safety support team.  Currently, Echelon is administrative in duties.  They put together and distribute the volunteer laminates, logbooks, emergency action protocol books(EAP), and administrative office supplies.  They also, set up radios and track Safety’s inventory.  This team will expand, as Oblivium expands.  There are 4 shift positions for 2017, and they come with early entry requirements.  


Last but not least, Pandemonium is the team that orchestrates the opening ceremony on burn night, and is NOT limited to fire performers. This is a fun and exciting way to be part of our community’s celebration and artistic display.  Pandemonium team members must attend a meeting with the lead before the opening ceremony.