Oblivium is an event created by volunteer participation in Oklahoma using the 6 principles as guidelines.  The decision making bodies are the Community, Leads, Vortex, and Welklahoma LLC, under which the event operates.

Community involvement is the most important part of building and improving the event.  You are the community!

2018 Leadership

Earth Minders

Lead: Samantha “Samburger” Taylor

Co-Lead: Mikhal “Max” Tippin

Temple Keepers

Lead: Marcia Tillison (Xanadu)

Co-Lead: Danielle Leonard

Volunteer Coordinator

Lead: Erica Daggett

Co-Lead: Marcia Tillison


Lead: Austin Hingey

Co-Lead: Josh “Batman” Curry

Co-Lead: Spencer Bradford


Lead: Garrett Deaton-Rogers (Glow)

Co-Lead: Susan Landers (Turbo)


Lead: Joban Hill

Co-Lead: Todd Matetich (illumitoddy)

Co-Lead: Tyler Garrett


Lead: Paula Happens (Fresh)

Co-Lead: Robert Goddard

Site Ops

Lead: Dave Scott (Walkabout)

Co-Lead: Joshua Molen (Dirty)

Sound Marshal:

Ben Dixson (The Horned God)


Lead: Leslie Sawyer (Sunshade)

Asst Lead: Amanda Fortner (Panda)


Safety Coordinator

Lead: Anna-Lee Dunaway (Valkyrie)

Asst Lead: James Langdon (Fugee)


Lead: Terry “Grizz” Hayhurst

Asst Lead: *OPEN*


Lead: Nick Simon

Asst Lead: *OPEN*

Asst Lead: *OPEN*


Lead: Rachel Lykins

Asst Lead: Keith Kinzalow


Lead: Liz “Bogart” Koelle

Asst Lead: *OPEN*


Lead: Kim “GingerSlap” Sisemore

Asst Lead: Mark “Havoc” Brown

Asst Lead: Carlos Vallejos


Lead: *OPEN*

Asst Lead: *OPEN*


Lead: Austin Goodwin

Asst Lead: Matthew Kelley


Lead: Tara “T” Howell

Asst Lead:  Marshall Yount

Effigy Lead

Carlos Vallejo and Sara Bondy

Temple Lead

Ben Dixson (The Horned God)


Vortex is the community representative body charged with holding meetings where the community can come to discuss and help make decisions.  Vortex acts as an advisory panel to the LLC, providing the necessary input from the community to operate Oblivium in all its aspects.

Vortex Members

Erica – Facilitator
Liza – Special Projects
John – Communications / Tickets / website content / duties as assigned
Sabrina – All things website

Welklahoma LLC consist of 3 volunteer/participants, and is the entity under which Oblivium operates.  These 3 members are charged with the guardianship, sustainability, and perpetuation of the event and act as defined in Welklahoma LLC’s Articles of Organization.  The members and their areas of oversight responsibility are listed below.

LLC Members

Marcia – LLC – Team Lead, Co-Volunteer Coordinator
Fresh – Site Operations and Land Liaison
Fugee – Safety, and Operations