Oblivium is an event created by volunteer participation in Oklahoma using the 6 principles as guidelines.  The decision making bodies are the Community, Leads, Vortex, and Welklahoma LLC, under which the event operates.

Community involvement is the most important part of building and improving the event.  You are the community!

2016 Leads


Vortex is the community representative body charged with holding meetings where the community can come to discuss and help make decisions.  Vortex acts as an advisory panel to the LLC, providing the necessary input from the community to operate Oblivium in all its aspects.

Vortex Members

Spyral – Vortex Mediator
Kyle – Vortex Mediator
Erica – Scheduler
Batman – Scheduler
Liza – Minutes
Soraya – Minutes
Mandarin Panda – Communications
John – Communications
Biggest Bear – Coordinator

Welklahoma LLC consist of 4 volunteer/participants, and is the entity under which Oblivium operates.  These 4 members are charged with the guardianship, sustainability, and perpetuation of the event and act as defined in Welklahoma LLC’s Articles of Organization.  The members and their areas of oversight responsibility are listed below.

LLC Members

Ginger Snap – Financial Transparency, Ticketing, and Gate.
Marcia – General Volunteer Coordination
Fresh – Site Operations and Land Liaison
Fugee – Safety, and Operations