Media Policy:  Oblivium is a private event.  Media and individuals may not reproduce, use the likeness, capture images or recordings of participants or their art without their concise expressed consent.

There are no “media passes” to Oblivium, anyone wishing to enter must buy a ticket.

Members of the media should contact our Administrative Coordinator here

Sound Policy:  All sound is limited to a 100 decibel at 10 feet limit.  All theme camps, art installations, and vehicles are subject to this limitation, or a lower sound level upon request, by Oblivium volunteers on duty, LLC, and or sitting Vortex members.

Intense Light and/or Radio Emissions Policy(lasers, spot lights, high powered lighting effects, ect):  Oblivium requires all intense light/radio emitting devices to be registered with Safety, 45 days prior to gate entry.  No intense light emitting devices will be permitted to operate without registration and the signing of a waiver(hand held lasers are prohibited).

If you have questions about your device, Contact Safety Coordinator here

Watercraft Policy:  All watercraft are limited to non-motorized individual floatation devices.

Minors:  Oblivium is an 18 and up event, no minors will be allowed on the property during this event and all person(s) in any vehicle with minors present, will be denied entry.

Prohibited:  Fireworks, firearms, handheld lasers and laser pointers, pets, persons under 18, and un-ticketed individuals.  All vehicles are subject to search at the point of entry.  Every individual arriving in a vehicle containing anything prohibited, will be considered violators of this policy and will be subjected to ejection without refund.

Vehicle Operation:  Any vehicle entering the event is subject to the 5mph speed limit for the safety of participants.  All vehicles are subject to search upon entry, and must unload and return to the parking area in the given time frame or be subject to towing at the cost of the owner.  All vehicles that require extended stay or stay throughout the event must be registered with our DMV.  All vehicle operators must obey state and federal laws for operating a motorized vehicle.  Violators will have their driving privileges inside the event revoked and the vehicle will be removed from the event area.  If you have any questions about our Vehicle Operation Policy feel free to Contact DMV here

Privacy and Volunteer Information Policy:  Oblivium organizers, Vortex, and Welklahoma LLC do everything possible to respect the privacy of participants and volunteers with the use of domain emails and information disclosed on a need to know basis.  The initial volunteer information form is restricted to need to know, and used, or disseminated only in the event of an emergency, or organizer contact.  Forms are restricted to LLC, sitting Vortex members, and organizing leads, on a need to know basis for operations.  All master safety volunteer training information is stored for 12 months from date of training, then purged.  Training information is held for the purposes of training verification.  Other participant driven events may request training verification, only after they have been verified with publicly accessible documentation to prove the identity, as one authorized to request training verification on behalf of another participant driven event.  The training information disseminated will be limited to, confirmation of training, dates of training, and volunteer position performance, to assure safety and or need to do follow up training as programs evolve or deviate from the standards set by Oblivium and events in standardized training agreements with Oblivium.

Rights Reserved by Welklahoma LLC:  Welklahoma LLC reserves the right to eject any participant that commits a violation of our policies; or presents a danger or perceived threat to our liability, participant’s, property, the event and/or its sustainability, without refund.