Our community is built upon a set of 6 principles condensed and inspired by the Burning Man principles.  Everyone in our community is invited to take hold of these guidelines as a way of interacting with one another, and the world around them.  S.P.A.R.K.S.

  • Self expression:  We endeavour for a safe environment of creative self-expression.  Participants are encouraged to express themselves, through artistic creation, performance, participation, creative constructions, and in their interactions with one another.  These are gifts to give and receive whilst respecting the boundaries of other participants.
  • Permission:  Participants should respect one another in all things.  Always obtain consent for something to happen or agreement to do something when engaging another participant.  This includes recordings on electronic or media devices, physical contact, or any action that might affect another participant’s person and/or space.
  • Accountability:  Take responsibility for your own actions, and meeting your own needs, for the event itself, and the impact you will have on the world at large.
  • Radical inclusion:  Everyone is invited to participate at their own respected, comfort level.  No prerequisites exist for participation in our community.
  • Keep it clean:  Oblivium is a leave no trace event!  You pack it in, you pack it out.  We encourage participants to be aware of MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), or rubbish, even the tiniest bit. Pick it up if you see it, don’t drop it for others to pick up. As a community we endeavor to leave the land cleaner than when we found it, in order to leave a positive impact in our wake
  • Synergy:  We endeavour for cooperation and collaborations where participants work together to resolve potential conflicts between one another, to help mediate conflicts between others.  We highly encourage participants to create art, performances, as well as, large scale social spaces for interaction and gifting.